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20 years SRC

20 years SRC

20 years ago, on 27 November 2000, the founding meeting of the share­holders of SRC took place. That is a long time, but in retro­spect it does not seem to be the case for the acting persons. This perception is of course subjective, but a decisive factor will certainly be the rapid devel­opment in the field of infor­mation technology.
The complexity of digital­i­sation and the constantly growing need to create trust in new solutions is the business basis of SRC, the essential reason why SRC exists. At the same time this is also a big oblig­ation — namely to ensure that new digital solutions are really trustworthy.
SRC’s work on such things that many people experience in their daily life can be explained vividly. These are, above all, contactless payment by card and mobile phone, secure access to bank accounts by third parties, electronic patient files, secure commu­ni­cation in connection with the Galileo system and in the Bundeswehr, or even quite “mundane” things such as bottle deposit machines or tamper-proof cash registers — all topics of digiti­sation with which millions of people come into contact in one way or another every day. The devel­opment does not end there, with Open Finance, IoT and the increased use of AI methods there are still many exciting topics to be addressed.
None of these solutions has been produced or is operated by SRC itself, but we have made a decisive contri­bution to all of them: We provide confi­dence in these digital solutions — for relia­bility, security and future-proofness. We create “a good feeling” in dealing with digitalisation:
— Standards for new technologies create investment security,
— Reliable function­ality of new solutions through testing,
— Technical safety of new solutions through safety concepts and tests.
In fact, this “good feeling”, the trust, is something like the lubricant of digital­i­sation. For many people, the digiti­sation and mecha­ni­sation of everyday life means that processes are no longer manageable and the truth content of infor­mation is sometimes unclear. Trust makes it possible to reduce this complexity and often opens the door to accep­tance of the new ways of experi­encing and acting that digiti­sation aims to create.
The complexity of digital­i­sation and the constantly growing need to create trust in new solutions is the business basis of SRC, the essential reason why SRC exists. At the same time this is also a big oblig­ation — namely to ensure that new digital solutions are really trustworthy.
In the 20 years of SRC’s existence we have carried out more than 20,000 projects. Every year there have been more and also SRC has grown year by year — not only in terms of the number of employees, but especially in terms of the expansion of expertise, partly in areas that did not exist at the time of the foundation of SRC.
The current pandemic situation does not allow us to adequately celebrate our 20th anniversary, which we would have liked to do together with our customers. We are thinking about making up for this at a suitable time. But even without a party, we would be pleased if you, our customers, continue to place your trust in us.

BarCamp “Infor­mation Security Management in Credit Insti­tu­tions” — 19 September 2019

In cooper­ation with SRC Security Research & Consulting GmbH, Bank-Verlag GmbH hosts a BarCamp on the subject of “Infor­mation Security Management in Credit Insti­tu­tions”. The event will take place on 19 September 2019 at the premises of Bank-Verlag in Cologne.

The Federal Financial Super­visory Authority (BaFin) has also defined the new function of the Infor­mation Security Officer with the “Banking Super­visory Require­ments for IT” (BAIT). He or she controls the infor­mation security process and reports directly to management. What this theory looks like in practice will be examined in more detail on 19 September at the BarCamp “Infor­mation Security Management in Credit Institutions”.

The BarCamp Principle

A BarCamp is an open conference with practical workshops. The workshops serve the exchange and discussion among the partic­i­pants. At the beginning, the partic­i­pants themselves develop the contents and the agenda, which they then develop further. There are no prede­fined speakers or proce­dures to be found in a BarCamp. Instead, this principle relies on the (moderated) exchange of experience.

BarCamp “Infor­mation Security Management in Credit Institutions

The BarCamp “Infor­mation Security Management in Credit Insti­tu­tions” gives Infor­mation Security Officers as well as all those respon­sible for infor­mation and IT security management at credit insti­tu­tions the oppor­tunity to exchange infor­mation on topics such as BAIT audits, service provider management or risk management. In addition, contacts can be estab­lished and expertise expanded. The coffee breaks can be used for individual discus­sions. At the end of the event, a “get-together” provides an in-depth exchange among the participants.

The SRC Speakers

Four experts from different areas of SRC will share their knowledge and expertise with the participants.

Sandro Amendola, deputy head of the evalu­ation body at SRC, is respon­sible for the topic “IT compliance in the banking industry”. In addition, he develops security concepts and security require­ments for payment trans­action proce­dures on behalf of the German banking industry, among others.

Jochen Schumacher is respon­sible for commu­ni­ca­tions at SRC. He concen­trates on product management, the technical and editorial support of the website as well as the planning, imple­men­tation and moder­ation of events.

Florian Schumann is Head of IT at SRC. In addition, he is an infor­mation security consultant and qualified auditor according to § 8 (a) BSIG for critical infrastructures.

Dr. Deniz Ulucay works at SRC as a consultant for infor­mation security. His focus is on the devel­opment of ISMSs, in particular for operators of critical infra­struc­tures. He is also respon­sible for the devel­opment and imple­men­tation of security concepts.

Regis­tration & Schedule

Further infor­mation about the regis­tration and the course of the BarCamp on the topic “Infor­mation security management in Credit Insti­tu­tions” can be found in this flyer (GER) and on the website of Bank-Verlag. Here you can register directly online for the event and bring in the topics that are important and inter­esting for you and thus help to determine the course and outcome of the BarCamp “Infor­mation Security Management in Credit Institutions”.

For further questions Mrs. van Kessel is at your disposal (Tel. 0221/5490–161, andrea.vankessel(at)bank-verlag.de).

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