Security of mobile apps

SRC invites to the webinar “Security of mobile applications”

SRC invites you to the free webinar “Mobile Appli­cation Security” on 10 June 2021. The four-hour event will focus on potential targets, attack strategies and the defence against attacks on appli­ca­tions on mobile devices.

Due to the flexible use of mobile appli­ca­tions, smart­phones store and process a large amount of sensitive data. This makes them an increas­ingly attractive target for attackers. Malware such as banking Trojans and ransomware are already being used specif­i­cally against mobile appli­ca­tions. Along with this, the need for security of mobile appli­ca­tions is also increasing in order to effec­tively protect the data of their users.

SRC Security Research & Consulting GmbH offers a half-day webinar on the topic of mobile appli­cation security. The aim of the webinar is to under­stand the approach of attackers when analysing mobile appli­ca­tions, to be able to identify risks and to harden the appli­ca­tions accord­ingly already during development.

Lutz Weimann, SRC expert for mobile security, is a computer scientist with a focus on complex software systems. In his work, he has dealt inten­sively with fuzzing, software and network security and penetration tests.Lutz Weimann gives software archi­tects and devel­opers an insight into the proce­dural model of attackers. How are mobile appli­ca­tions analysed? How are risks identified and assessed? How can appli­ca­tions be hardened during development?

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