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SRC Security Research & Consulting GmbH: Gener­ation change at the top

After almost 25 years of successful management of the company by Gerd Cimiotti, the founda­tions are now being laid for a gener­a­tional change in the management of SRC — and thus for the next 25 years. With effect from August 1, 2024, Markus Schierack will be appointed to the management board of SRC Security Research & Consulting GmbH, Bonn.

As Managing Director of the payment trans­action institute VÖB-ZVD Processing GmbH (“Pagateq”), he has been respon­sible for business devel­opment, payment trans­ac­tions, finance and regulatory affairs, among other things. Markus Schierack brings many years of experience in strategic devel­opment and trans­for­mation in the area of payment trans­ac­tions to his new role. The corporate finance specialist has held various positions within the Deutsche Bank Group in recent years. Among other things, he actively supported various strategic M&A trans­for­mation projects of the bank’s private customer business in the Group Devel­opment department of Deutsche Postbank AG and at Deutsche Bank and positioned Pagateq as a BaFin ZAG-licensed payment service provider with its own identity within Deutsche Bank Group.

Gerd Cimiotti, who has been Managing Director of SRC since 2001, will actively support the gener­a­tional change and the handover to Markus Schierack until 2025 and will then retire from management: “One of the biggest challenges for medium-sized companies is the successful gener­a­tional change. At SRC, Markus Schierack is the next gener­ation to take on overall respon­si­bility for the company. I am very confident that Markus will not only lead SRC Security Research & Consulting GmbH into a good economic future, but will also keep the special values of our company alive,” explains Cimiotti.

The time frame was delib­er­ately set to allow for a gradual transition. The SRC share­holders’ meeting would like to take this oppor­tunity to thank Mr. Cimiotti for his trusting cooper­ation and his successful and tireless efforts to develop SRC into a leading IT security compe­tence center.

Markus Schierack already knows SRC very well from his role as Chairman of the SRC Share­holders’ Meeting and will now join the Management Board on August 1. Markus Schierack is looking forward to the challenge that he wants to master together with the employees at SRC: “My heart beats for the company and I have already had the oppor­tunity to get to know SRC well through my work as a repre­sen­tative of a share­holder of SRC Security Research & Consulting GmbH.”

The 43-year-old will be supported by Randolf Skerka, who will be respon­sible for SRC’s auditing business in the future. The current Head of Sales at SRC has been familiar with the company and the auditing business in particular for many years from various roles at SRC. “For me, teams with strong person­al­ities are always important in order to master upcoming challenges. I am therefore grateful to have Randolf Skerka at my side as an extremely experi­enced sparring partner,” says future Managing Director Markus Schierack.

About SRC Security Research & Consulting GmbH

SRC is the joint compe­tence center of the German banking industry for IT security. SRC was founded in 2000 with the support of the four credit industry publishers (Bank-Verlag GmbH, DG-Nexolution eG, S‑Payment GmbH and VÖB ZVD-Processing GmbH) and the leading associ­a­tions of the German credit industry repre­sented on the company’s advisory board (Bundesverband deutscher Banken e.V., Bundesverband der Deutschen Volks­banken und Raiffeisen­banken e.V., Bundesverband Öffentlicher Banken Deutsch­lands e.V., Deutscher Sparkassen- und Giroverband e.V.).

In April 2001, Gerd Cimiotti joined the company’s management and led the expansion of SRC into a leading IT security service provider in Europe. With more than 120 employees, SRC is not only one of the top addresses when it comes to technical innova­tions in payment, but SRC also offers a compre­hensive IT security and audit program to support customers all over the world.

The plan for the future is to further expand both business areas and take advantage of the emerging market oppor­tu­nities. The new management team led by Markus Schierack is an important prereq­uisite for this. The smooth transition in management from Gerd Cimiotti to Markus Schierack also ensures the necessary continuity.