SRC supports the 5th Computer Science Conference for University of Bonn Students — CSCUBS 2018

SRC is pleased to support the 5th Computer Science Conference for University of Bonn StudentsCSCUBS 2018, which will take place on May 16, 2018.

Promotion of research and scien­tific exchange

CSCUBS 2018 is organised by PhD and Masters students. Its goal is the promotion of research in computer science, as well as the scien­tific exchange between students, researchers and practi­tioners. “The CSCUBS is an initiative from among the students that SRC gladly supports,” says Detlef Kraus, autho­rized signatory at SRC. “And especially the profes­sional exchange between research, practice and teaching is urgently needed if our society wants to meet the challenges of IT security with confi­dence,” Kraus continues.

Starting point for personal and profes­sional exchange

The 5th Computer Science Conference for Students of the University of Bonn (CSCUBS 2018) provides a platform for university projects, disser­ta­tions and results from research, devel­opment and practice in the field of computer science. The conference will take place on 16 May 2018 at the University of Bonn. SRC supports the event not only as a sponsor. We will also be present with a booth to offer a point of contact for personal and profes­sional exchange.

Presen­tation of a project result at CSCUBS 2018 included

SRC will also present one of its many projects at the CSCUBS. Practice often provides surprising research approaches and exciting insights. The CSCUBS is a welcome platform for SRC to present our work to an inter­ested, young and competent circle of experts and to exchange ideas. Perhaps the many discus­sions will also provide qualified starting points for using the expertise gathered at CSCUBS 2018 in joint project work.