5G Security High Assurance

SRC specialist Oberender | 5G Security High Assurance

As part of the CAST forum hot topic: 5G Security, SRC specialist Oberender will give a presen­tation on 5G Security High Assurance. The CAST workshop is hosted by BSI unit SZ32 and will take place online on November 11, 2021.

5G technology will define digital life in Germany in the future and thus its security features directly protect the integrity of society and its citizens. The test procedure currently being developed by BSI is to consist of three parts: a test based on the 3GPP defined SECAM Evalu­ation Method­ology TS 33.916, which is being refined at BSI as a Technical Guideline. Possible further tests will use the Accel­erated Security Certi­fi­cation (ESC) and the Common Criteria (CC) certi­fi­cation scheme. The security assessor’s perspective here is quite unique. SRC has extensive experience in all testing methods and will provide insight into the advan­tages and disad­van­tages of the testing methods with regard to the testing of 5G and 6G commu­ni­cation platforms in this presen­tation. Dr. Jens Oberender presents the different test methods SECAM, BSZ and CC for the approval of 5G security and discusses their objec­tives and focus.

Mobile networks in Germany are currently entering their next evolu­tionary stage with 5G technology. This process is accom­panied by security require­ments and related certi­fi­cation activ­ities. Germany needs secure and sovereign infra­struc­tures for commu­ni­ca­tions. Security features such as relia­bility and avail­ability are essential factors for Germany’s economic devel­opment. The CAST workshop hot topic: 5G-Security provides an overview and outlook on the current status of 5G-Security and its future development.