Smart Energy

SRC Smart Energy Expert at Round­table in Cologne

On Wednesday, 22 August 2018, an expert round­table will take place in Cologne. Organised by eco — Verband der Inter­netwirtschaft, the expert round­tables are charac­terised above all by high expertise, multi­dis­ci­plinary perspec­tives and high discussion intensity.

In August the motto of the event is “Smart Energy: Not without my “Smart Meter?” and among other things it will deepen the previous round­table on the topic “Smart Home”. For many years people have been talking about smart metering, but the actual devel­opment seems to be far behind the plans and prognoses of that time. New framework condi­tions, new approaches and new success factors will now be discussed in the panel of experts to be held on 22 August 2018.

Dr. Jens Oberender, Senior Consultant at SRC, will discuss in an oral contri­bution on the thematic field “Security and perspec­tives of the Smart Meter” if Smart Meters and their environment can be considered as secure. Dr. Oberender draws on his many years of experience in consulting projects relating to the certi­fi­cation of Smart Meter Gateways.