SRC expert Sandro Amendola contributes to the PSD2 conference meeting

Second EU Payment Services Directive PSD2 comes into force

“Banken+Partner” expert panel on PSD2

The second EU Payment Services Directive PSD2 comes into force in January. The business policy, technical and regulatory need for action to be taken by credit insti­tu­tions is diverse and at the same time individual for each bank. Among other things, the insti­tu­tions will have to observe and implement stricter security require­ments for the authen­ti­cation of their customers and prove these to the national super­visory authority. For banks and Sparkassen as service providers and for customers as users, there is a risk that login and payment release will become more incon­ve­nient. At the same time, the interface must be imple­mented for access by autho­rised third parties.

SRC expert discusses complex challenges and evaluates solution approaches

SRC expert Sandro Amendola

Sandro Amendola, Division Manager at SRC Security Research & Consulting GmbH, was one of the experts at the table talk of “Banken+Partner”. Mr. Amendola discussed the oppor­tu­nities and challenges of the PSD2 and outlined possible solutions for banks and Sparkassen.

The challenges for banks and Sparkassen

An example of these challenges are the inter­faces for autho­rised third party providers, which PSD2 requires to be made available by banks. Another example is two-factor authen­ti­cation, which further enhances account access security. Increased security on the one hand is often not possible without making too great a sacrifice in terms of conve­nience and customer friend­liness on the other. The experts present also explained how this security can be achieved without loss of comfort or customers. Finally, the oppor­tu­nities that can be exploited through cooper­ation with the agile FinTechs were discussed.

Possible solutions for banks and Sparkassen

The entire expert discussion, as well as the topics and solutions, can be read in the free e‑paper from “Banken+Partner”. In addition, Sandro Amendola is available for individual workshops and consul­ta­tions on PSD2 and its implications.

Image source: Banken+Partner/Fotografie Schepp