Proof of strong customer authen­ti­cation according to PSD2 | Kobil | mAST

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Certi­fi­cation type

Compliance with the PSD2 require­ments regarding strong customer authentication

Certificate holder

KOBIL System GmbH

Certified product

mIDentity Appli­cation Security Technology (mAST)

Testing method

Analysis on the basis of descriptive documents (design analysis))

The audit includes

The mIDentity Appli­cation Security Technology (mAST) of KOBIL Systems GmbH (KOBIL) is a software platform with the objective of protecting the execution of an appli­cation based on mAST on mobile devices from manip­u­lation by third parties. Especially in connection with online banking on mobile devices, it is necessary to ensure that the execution of an appli­cation and its commu­ni­cation with the background system is not affected by malicious software.


SRC confirms that the mobile version of the security platform “mIDentity Appli­cation Security Technology” from KOBIL (iOS and Android versions) meets all applicable require­ments for strong customer authen­ti­cation of the RTS as well as consistent and secure communication.