Proof of strong customer authen­ti­cation according to PSD2 | Entersekt | Transakt


Certi­fi­cation typeCompliance with the PSD2 require­ments regarding strong customer authentication
Certificate holderEntersekt Inter­na­tional Limited
Certified productTransact
Testing methodAnalysis on the basis of descriptive documents (design analysis)
The audit includesThe Mobile Client / Mobile Client Software Devel­opment Kit is a software platform for mobile devices (Android and iOS) that provides a secure execution environment for banks and PSPs. It is an appli­cation that enables a payment service provider and a financial insti­tution to perform strong authen­ti­cation using a mobile device. The Secure Gateway is Transakt’s associated background system provided by ENTERSEKT. The Secure Gateway serves as a commu­ni­cation endpoint for all mobile client instances of the payment service provider’s customers.
DescriptionTransact of ENTERSEKT, version 18.1 (iOS and Android version), meets all require­ments of the Regulatory Technical Standard for Strong Customer Authen­ti­cation of the Second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) that are within the scope of the product.
Transakt uses industry-recog­nized best practices in the devel­opment and deployment of technology, including appli­cation security, access data encryption and authen­ti­cation, and client-server commu­ni­cation. Therefore, Transakt can be considered as a state-of-the-art solution.