PCI DSS v4.0
The changes at a glance

Reserve partic­i­pation for service providers on April 20th_2022!
Reserve partic­i­pation for merchants on June 29th_2022!

PCI DSS v4.0 is there

PCI DSS is a mature standard that defines require­ments for the secure processing of card data of inter­na­tional payment brands.

On March 31, 2022, the new version 4.0 of PCI DSS was released. It will replace the previous version 3.2.1 within the next two years.

New require­ments pose great challenges for companies. Even if long transition periods are antic­i­pated, planning and conversion must begin early.

We prepare you

SRC offers a free PCI DSS v4.0 webinar.

We will give you an overview of the changes and clarify which changes must be imple­mented by when.

We have been guiding companies through adapta­tions of the PCI DSS since the standard has been in existence. Benefit from our experience and expertise in doing so.


PCI DSS v4.0 for merchants: 29. June 2022, 13:00 — 15:30 Uhr

PCI DSS v4.0 for service provider: 20. April 2022, 13:00 — 15:30 Uhr

We offer these webinars also in German.

Target group

This webinar is for the PCI DSS respon­sible in your company. The person should have knowledge of the current PCI DSS v3.2.1.


  • Overview of the changes: 
    • Changes to defin­i­tions, structure and methodology
    • New PCI DSS requirements
    • Adjust­ments and clari­fi­ca­tions to existing requirements
    • Changes to the validation process

    Timeline for the migration from PCI DSS v3.2.1 to v4.0 – what does become mandatory at what time?

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Any questions?

The changes can only be presented during the webinar, not discussed in detail. Of course, we are also happy to support you in migrating to PCI DSS v4.0 beyond the webinar. Please feel free to contact us for a specific project.