EPayStandards Consortium

Frenchsys, Elitt and SRC found the EPay Standards Consortium

Together with the French partners Frenchsys and Elitt, SRC founds the EPayStan­dards Consortium, a cooper­ation to expand the consulting and support of inter­na­tional customers in the European payment traffic.

As a subsidiary of Cartes Bancaires, Frenchsys signif­i­cantly supports the technical and functional speci­fi­ca­tions as well as the integration in the French acquirer market.

Elitt focuses its activ­ities on the devel­opment of test case catalogs and test tools for terminals. Elitt also stands for innov­ative payment solutions.

SRC supports devel­opment and mainte­nance of the German girocard system. This includes the creation of functional and security speci­fi­ca­tions for all system compo­nents involved. Also the conception of innov­ative solutions for mobile payment is part of SRC’s service spectrum.

All three companies know the world of payment trans­ac­tions as essential carriers of European standard­ization initia­tives such as nexo, CPACE and the Berlin Group.

The EPayStan­dards consortium gives the inter­na­tional market for payment trans­ac­tions access to bundled technical and strategic consulting services. The corner­stone of the cooper­ation is laid with workshops for customers with cross-border opera­tions such as terminal manufac­turers and processing service providers.

In recent years, the European standards for payment trans­action terminals have developed further. This offers oppor­tu­nities especially for inter­na­tionally active acceptors to harmonize their terminal infra­struc­tures across borders. SRC and Frenchsys contribute detailed knowledge of these new standards and the two largest European payment trans­action markets and systems. Elitt completes the cooper­ation with its expertise in the technical prepa­ration of imple­men­ta­tions and certi­fi­ca­tions. Thus, the inter­na­tional market for payment trans­ac­tions benefits from the combi­nation of the strengths of the consortium partners.