critical Day 2018


in the SRC conference centre with accom­pa­nying barcamp

critical factor: infor­mation technology

Critical infra­struc­tures (KRITIS) are subject to multiple threats. Among other things, there are also various scenarios in which the security of infor­mation technology systems in critical infra­struc­tures takes centre stage.

profes­sional networking

With the aim of estab­lishing personal contacts and stimu­lating profes­sional exchange, the Critical Day offers a regular meeting place for people respon­sible for the protection of critical infra­struc­tures.

You are a target audience

You work in a company or insti­tution that supplies the population with essential goods and services. Then you are part of the target audience. Furthermore, the Critical Day addresses people who deal with the topic of critical infra­struc­tures in a practical, advisory, regulatory or scien­tific way.

the objective

The Critical Day aims to provide a high-profile platform for repre­sen­ta­tives of affected companies, the public sector, and the scien­tific and research commu­nities to network and exchange experi­ences on devel­op­ments and best practices in IT and physical security of critical infra­struc­tures.

critical Day 2018

the schedule

prelim­inary schedule
Admit­tance from8.30 o’clock
Randolf Skerka9:30 o’clock — Welcome speech
Isabel Münch
(Head of CK3)
Federal Office for Infor­mation Security
Experi­ences with SiG and KritisV from the perspective of the BSI
Ralf Plomann
Clinical Centre Lünen — Head of IT
The first audit according to §8a BSIG
Experi­ences of an operator
Randolf SkerkaWe came, we saw, we audited.
KritisV impres­sions of a testing body
Prof. Dr. med. Andreas BeckerAnalysis of the criti­cality of clinical processes
Frank Roggecritical moments of creative work
Jochen SchumacherBarcamp | Concept and planning of the sessions
all partic­i­pants
Barcamp-Session 1
all partic­i­pants
Barcamp-Session 2
all partic­i­pants
Barcamp-Session 3
all partic­i­pants
Summary of results
all partic­i­pants
uncritical conclusion with snacks & drinks
End of critical day 201818:30 o’clock

We would like to let you design the second part of the Critical Day 2018 as a barcamp. A barcamp is an open conference with open workshops, the contents of which are developed by the partic­i­pants themselves at the beginning of the conference and will be designed in the further course. Barcamps serve the exchange of content and discussion.